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Acoustic Space Journal

Oslofjord Ecologies. Artistic Research on Environmental and Social Sustainability

Acoustic Space, Vol. 18 / Renewable Future, Vol. 3, 2020
Editors: Kristin Bergaust, Rasa Smite and Daina Silina

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VIRTUALITIES AND REALITIES. New Experiences, Art and Ecologies in Immersive Environments

Acoustic Space, Vol. 17, 2019
Editors: Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits

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RENEWABLE FUTURES. Art, Science and Society in the Post-Media Age

Acoustic Space, Vol. 16, 2017
Editors: Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits, Armin Medosch

USD 26.90

OPEN FIELDS. Art and Science Research Practices in the Network Society

Acoustic Space, Vol. 15, 2016
Editors: Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits, Armin Medosch

USD 5.58/ £ 12.95

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DATA DRIFT. Archiving Media and Data Art in the 21st Century

Acoustic Space, Vol. 14, 2015

Editors/Authors: Rasa Smite, Lev Manovich, Raitis Smits. Authors: Erkki Huhtamo, Frieder Nake, Hanna Barbara Hoelling, Michael Century, Pau Alsina, …


TECHNO-ECOLOGIES II. Media Art Histories: ReNew

Acoustic Space, Vol. 12, 2014

Editors: Rasa Smite, Armin Medosch, Raitis Smits. Authors: Armin Medosch, Douglas Kahn, Michel Bauwens, Eric Kluitenberg, Katja Kwastek, Kevin Hamilton, Heba Amin, Erich Berger, Laura Beloff, …

TECHNO-ECOLOGIES. Inhabiting the deep technological spheres of everyday life

Acoustic Space, Vol. 11, 2014

Editors/Authors: Rasa Smite, Eric Kluitenberg, Raitis Smits. Authors: David Rothenberg, Siegfried Zielinski, Daniel Irrgang, Martin Howse, Gisele Trudel, Julian Oliver, Gordan Savicic, Danja Vasiliev, …


Acoustic Space, Vol. 10, 2011

Editors/Authors: Rasa Smite, Armin Medosch, Raitis Smits. Authors: Felix Stalder, Clemens Apprich, Geert Lovink, Ned Rossiter, Francesca da Rimini, Brian Holmes, Marc Tuters, …

EUR 12.00 / USD 12.70


Acoustic Space, Vol. 9, 2011

Editors/Authors: Rasa Smite, Kerstin Mey, Raitis Smits. Authors: Sher Doruff, Christoph Brunner, Carole Gray, Heather Delday, Jan Kaila, Chris Hales, Camille Baker, Kathy High, Ainars Kamolins …


ENERGY. Scientific and Artistic, Utopian and Critical Visions

Acoustic Space, Vol. 8, 2011

Editors/Authors: Rasa Smite, Armin Medosch, Kerstin Mey, Raitis Smits. Authors: Michel Bauwens, Eric Kluitenberg, Vasilis Kostakis, Vera Buhlmann, Ludger Hovestadt, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Julian Priest, Bartaku…

EUR 12.00


TRANS CULTURAL MAPPING. Locative Media, Tactical Cartography and Spectrum Ecology

Acoustic Space, Vol. 5, 2004

Editors/Authors: Rasa Smite, Marc Tuters. Authors: Richard Barbrook, Bruce Sterling, Brian Holmes, John Thackara, Geert Lovink, Marko Peljhan, Valdis Krebs, Cory Doctorow, Matthew Fuller, Graham Harwood, Drew Hemment, Marko Peljhan...

USD 7.50


Acoustic Space, Vol. 4, 2003

Editors: Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits. Authors: Lev Manovich, Eric Kluitenberg, Marc Tuters, Brian Holmes, Geert Lovink, Adam Hyde, ...


Acoustic Space 3 (2000)

Third "Acoustic Space" came out in at the turn of millennium and closed thw edition's experimental phase. It was entered by Eric Kluitenberg theoretical article on media without auditorium.

Acoustic Space 2 (1999)

"Acoustic Space" second edition highlighted the Internet radio golden age.