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In 2015 RIXC is starting new cooperation project – Changing weathers. Changing weathers networked responses to geophysical, geopolitical and technological shifts across Europe is a cultural program with partners both from the European “core” and its political and economic “periphery”, with partners from countries of the East and of the West, from the North and from the South. Changing weathers is focusing on exploration of migration of people, capital, ideas, traditional and local knowledge, scientific knowledge, open source technologies and methodologies. The Changing Weathers project is a set of research activities and actions, a series of workshops, open field-based conferences, residencies, exhibitions and cultural actions, a program of (commissioned) artworks and a road-map for continuous cultural engagement, mutual learning, growth and cooperation across European cultural geographies of the past, present and future.

RIXC center for New media culture will contribute to Changing weathers by designing and carrying out "open-field" activities that will shape the contact zones between art, science, technology and social engagement in the 21st century.

In summer of 2015, RIXC is making first project activity – art and science symposium “Soil Future”, which is focusing on renewable energy, art and science, and social innovation in rural regions of Europe and will take place in countryside of Latvia. There will be call for participation, so follow information in RIXC homepage

Projekta partneri:
Zavod Projekt Atol (ZPA), Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ljudmila Art And Science Laboratory, Ljubljana, Slovenia
The Finnish Society of Bioart, Kilpisjärvi, Finland
Dark Ecology, Kirkenes, Norway
Time's Up,
Linz, Austria

Photos from RIXC activities:

Soil Future International Symposium –

Final CW and Soil Future Exhibition:

  • Press conference –
  • OPEN FIELDS opening, part 1 –
  • OPEN FIELDS opening, part 2 –
  • OPEN FIELDS exhibition works –

Project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Uninon.


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