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Santa France. The Rupture I. Interactive 3D web collage. 2020 – ongoing

Open Call for Proposals
Deadline – August 20, 2021
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The RIXC Art and Science Festival 2021 will be held in the National Library of Latvia from September 23 to November 12. The festival will explore those 21st-century art creation processes that study human senses and use sense-stimulating technologies. The festival program will take place from September 23 to 25, featuring the POSTSENSORIUM exhibition opening and the Open Fields conference, as well as the public guest lectures, presentations, creative workshops, performances, and interventions of young artists in the urban environment. Depending on the future Covid-19 restrictions, the conference may be held online. The exhibition will be on view in the National Library of Latvia until November 12, accompanied by a public educational program. Simultaneously, the exhibition will be available virtually on the digital POSTSENSORIUM platform.



Open Fields 2021: POSTSENSORIUM
September 23-25, 2021
The National Library of Latvia / Online

Open Fields conference is based in the annual RIXC festival, bringing together international scholars and artists to discuss topics related to artistic research, the changing role of art in societies, and art and science collaboration.



We welcome proposals by interdisciplinary researchers, artists, artists-researchers, designers, Ph.D. students, curators, media theorists, art historians, science philosophers, cultural innovators, bio-hackers, critical engineers, and data designers, as well as scientists from different fields.

Conference proposal should consist of:

* title and abstract (200 words),
* 5–6 keywords,
* short author's biography (120 words).

Please submit your proposals online:




September 23 - November 12, 2021
The National Library of Latvia

The POSTSENSORIUM exhibition is the central axis of the festival and the basis for the rest of the festival program. This exhibition aims to look for ways in which artists today (under such constraints as the pandemic and isolation) could create new artworks in hybrid media. Namely, artworks that can be exhibited both in physical space (galleries, museums) and on the new growing virtual POSTSENSORIUM platform (online), as well as in the combination of the two - in hybrid space, or - reinterpreting Bourriaud's idea of contemporary art of the 90s as an 'intermediate space' - in the mixed reality of the 21st century.


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