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The Danish Cultural Institute in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania invites everybody to take part in a discussion on the future of cultural magazines on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at NicePlace telpa, Kr. Barona iela 21a. Rasa Smite from RIXC together with Ilva Skulte will talk about the historical aspect of Latvian cultural magazines. The talks and discussion will be in English.

In the 21st century the media picture has begun to change, new platforms are available, and it has become easier and more accessible to publish news, articles and background stuff. In the year of 2017 the buzzword within the debate on media seems to be fake news and these days everybody seems to be discussing what the commercial news picture should look like. However, as usual the smaller independent magazines seem to be forgotten in this context. Therefore, the Danish Cultural Institute wants to make an event where editors from Latvia and Denmark get the opportunity to discuss the future of the cultural magazine not in regards to fake news, but on the subjects that is relevant for this platform. How have modern magazines evolved from being on print to now making booth podcasts, video podcasts and a lot of other innovative ways of distributing information?

In Denmark, these small magazines seem to be in a crisis. Last year the old and well known magazine Kritik closed, in the beginning of this year the same happened to Salon55 – another important magazine – and now the third, Atlas, have announced that they will need to have more funding or they will also have to close. Therefore, there seems to be a gap for new magazines to take but what will happen? Also, a lot of magazines from Norway and Sweden start to make material for Danish readers, so maybe transcultural magazines are the new strategy of survival?! As Danes, we are not exposed to many Latvian or Baltic magazines or news on what is going on in this specific field, and therefore, we want to share knowledge on the Latvian/Danish work with cultural magazines and make an event for people who are interested in working with the word and publishing. All this in the hope that we together can strengthen the cultural magazine as a media that also have a place in a future that seems to be more and more shallow. 


Simon Drewsen Holmberg says welcome
Jonas M. Hoeck introduces to the Danish 2016 crises for the cultural magazines, and says why we are here

Rasa Smite and Ilva Skulte introduce to the historical aspects of the cultural magazines in Latvia

Julie Kolbeck tells about hybrid media, and the new place for art and culture content in the Danish media picture

Zane Volkinšteine / Veto Magazine

Open discussion about the future of the cultural magazines



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