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The installation 'Fluctuations of Microworlds' is a part of the 'Biotricity' series in which the creators explore the local ecosystem and the possible scenarios for using renewable energy sources in the future. Through this series the creators address the human relationship with nature and technology, biological and social systems, the human world and the world of microorganisms.

The creators use this project to co-finance the process of generating electricity by bacteria. The microbial fuel cells in the bacteria, most commonly found in ponds, lakes or refuse water, use a biological process to create electrical energy. As biotechnological material these cells have the potential to change waste treatment facilities into mini power plants producing renewable energy.

The production of 'bacteria fuel' is interpreted through a multichannel sound environment. The lively material makes this environment change continuously and this provides a sensory experience of the interaction between nature and technology, biologic systems and electronic networks, biology and computing.



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