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On November 16th, 2018, round table and panel on Art, Science and Technologies took place in Bourges, France in the programme of Rencontres Bandits-Mages Festival / EMAP (November 13 – December 2, 2018, Bourges, France). RIXC (Riga), represented by Daina Silina, was one of the participants with Emmetrop (Bourges), La Labomedia (Orléans), Kontejner (Zagreb), Onassis Cultural Centre – Athens (Stegi), Laboral (Gijón), Impakt (Utrecht), Werkleitz (Halle), Leonardo/Olats and Genialis (Henrichemont) with the participation of The Carasso Foundation. Moderator Ewen Chardronnet.

The website of the festival:

This 2018 Rencontres Bandits-Mages  edition is based on a selection of pieces created during the artists in residence programme of the EMAP network.

“Exploring Reality either in a tangible, fictive, idealised, unconscious, fabulatory or speculative way, all these works, despite their very different aesthetics and contents, are coming together in terms of care, in the sense of “taking care of”. All these works delve beneath the surface, within bodies and minds, within logos and iconos, bringing together collectiveness and individuality to mend the fabric of the world.”
Annick Bureaud, Paris, July 2018

EMAP (European Media Art Platform) gathers 11 Europeans organisations : Ars Electronica, Bandits-Mages, FACT/Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, IMPAKT, Kontejner, LaBoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, M-Cult, Onassis Cultural Centre, RIXC, WRO Art Centre, Werkleitz Centre for Media Art. EMAP organises EMARE artists residences (European Media Artists in Residence Exchange). EMAP/EMARE is supported by the European Union Creative Europe Program.

The call for 2019 year's residencies is still open until December 3:
has been EXTENDED until December 10, 2018:

Priority will be given to the emerging artists proposing the work with art and science, immersive technologies, sound/sonification and data viz, nature-culture, rural-urban, and techno-ecological topics.



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