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The RIXC Festival 2019 aims at complicating the pervasively employed notion of “green” by providing a cross-disciplinary platform for the discussions and artistic interventions exploring one of the most paradoxical and broadest topics of our times. The festival will feature the “Un/Green” exhibition opening that takes place in the Latvian National Museum of Art, and the 4th Open Fields conference which aims to ‘un-green greenness', 'Eco-systematically' reconnect 'post-human postures', and discover and unpack ‘Naturally Artificial Intelligences.’

Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag (Germany), GAMMAvert, Kitchen Gallery, New York, 2006. Author's photo.

'Green’, symbolically associated with the ‘natural’ and employed to hyper-compensate for what humans have lost, will be addressed as indeed most anthropocentric of all colours, in its inherent ambiguity between alleged naturalness and artificiality. Are we in control of ‘green’? Despite its broadly positive connotations ‘green’ incrementally serves the uncritical desire of fetishistic and techno-romantic naturalization in order to metaphorically hyper-compensate for material systemic biopolitics consisting of the increasing technical manipulation and exploitation of living systems, ecologies, and the biosphere at large.

Adam Brown (USA), “Shadows from the Walls of Death”, 2019. Author's photo.

Alongside 'green', the central topic of this conference, the Open Fields 2019 organizers also welcome visionary and critically un-green, spectral-prismatic, post-anthropocentric, and socio-algorithmic proposals by artists, scientists, researchers and experts from different academic disciplines and professional fields.

Karine Bonneval (FR), Tropiques domestiques, 2015. Publicity photo.


* green/ungreen – 'symbolic green, ontological greenness and performative greening'

* biopolitics and ecotopia – beyond the anthropocene, towards multi-species relations

* ‘green’ intelligence – environment and naturally AI within algorithmic societies

* post-anthropocentric visions – 'nature culture' and eco-critique

* sensible ‘green’ – beyond the  visual: acoustic, olfactive, chemical, etc.

* biosphere and technosphere - techno-ecological perspective of our planet and in Space

* prismatic – color theories, light and perception



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