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The programme of the annual International Sound Art Festival SOUND DAYS in Liepaja, Latvia, May 24–28, 2017, has been announced.

The programme consists of many different activities that show different aspects of sound art. The participants are young sound and media artists, lecturers and performers from Latvia, the Netherlands, Canada and Germany.

▸ Four WORKSHOPS 24. – 26.05 where you will learn different techniques and methods for creating, manipulating, exploring and having fun with sound. More information:

▸ OPEN PERFORMANCE NIGHT ''Nx20'', 26.05 20:00. Young artists who want to show what they are capable of, proffesionals who have some ideas yet to express, and others are welcome to participate. There are no limitations in the format, technique or style of expression.
You can send your proposal for the show to 
Please send a short description about your performance and a short BIO. If you have some recordings or videos – feel free to send those as well.

▸ EXHIBITION of sound installations by young media and sound artists from Liepaja. The works will focus on sound as a material in art, its characteristics, physicality, role in culture and technology, or as a way of expressing ideas and concepts.
The exhibition will be opened on 26.05 and on 27.–28.05 there will be public excursions held by artists and organisers.

▸ Sound art SEMINAR on 27.05 – will include talks and presentations by various sound artists and researchers. There will also be a short presentation programme by young artists, lecturers, researchers and other professionals. 
We welcome proposals (~300 w.) for your presentation or short demonstration regarding topics of sound as a material, acoustics of sound, archeology of sound and technology, perception theories to

▸ Live electronic music CONCERT on 27.05. at 20:00. Different experimental electronic music performances followed by best DJ's from Liepāja and more. 
Hans w. Koch (DE)
Artis Kuprišs

▸ SOUND SUNDAY for families and children on 28.05. The sound day for families and children, open also for people of all ages that are interested in the basics of sound and how it can be perceived. There will be short workshops and demonstrations of different methods of creating and recording sound, its physicality and materiality in simple and playful way. Also, there will be an excursion lead by artists and festival organisers.

More information about the festival:
+371 28362725 (Paula Vītola)

The festival is organised by E-LAB, Electronic art and media center, in collaboration with the Art Research Lab (MPLab) of Liepaja University. 

The festival is supported by the State Cultural Capital Foundation, Cultural department of Liepaja and MPlab of Liepaja University.


+371 67228478 (office)

+371 26546776 (Rasa Smite)